Thursday, March 12, 2009



My heart it stops, the infection spreads,
My mind it jumps, the rope becomes threads,
My eyes become blurry, the world disappears,
All that is left is the pain and the tears,
Pain in a form, so clouded and raw,
My life becomes ice, my heart just won't thaw,
I know there's a love, undiluted and pure,
I know that I know, yet now I'm not sure,
Concrete becomes glass, and the glass starts to break,
The masks all come off, the tears cleanse the fake,
"This doesn't make sense!", the people all yell,
My heart is in pieces, this is earth, and I'm in hell,

So out of this blackness, this sea of emotion,
I reach out my hand, drowning in this ocean,
And then it get's grasped, and I know that I'm free,
Papa is there, and I'm on his knee,
And sitting there with me, look it's my brother!
We run and we greet, then we hug one another,
And I know Nate is safe, there's nothing to fear,
In fact it really sucks, that I have to be stuck here,

One life is passed, and yes I will mourn,
I will cry, I will scream, and I will be torn.

My brother is gone.
Those words alone are hard to fathom.
Thank you all so much for your continued prayer and support. It means so much to my family.

This journey my family is on is so hard.
The comfort I hold on to is that my brother is in chillin' with Papa in heaven. He now knows God in a more real way then I ever will here.

I love you, Nate



  1. What a beautiful poem. Still praying. God bless you.

  2. Colin,

    My family is keeping your family in our prayers. With many blessings,
    Jordan, for all the Proctors

  3. Colin, hang in there. We're praying.

    Aly Proctor

  4. Colin, God has blessed you with an amazing gift of expression. My heart goes out to you and your family. Praying.
    Hailey Head