Thursday, June 4, 2009

Change of Shades

A couple months ago, Kona Estes and I started up a blog. Why? We're going to Europe this summer, that's why. When we started it we weren't sure how, when, or why, we just knew we were going. As the date of departure now draws near, it's become clear that Papa's hand has been on us, every step of the way. First planning, then brainstorming, now fundraising, and soon going. Please give the site a visit, and feel free to follow our journey.


"Change of Shades is a way of tracking the journey of Colin Mansfield and Kona Estes as they venture to Europe this summer as Student Ambassadors for the United States through People to People. Through pictures, video, information, and good humor, this blog communicates the heart of who Kona and Colin are."

"Colin and Kona enjoy traveling, building relationships with others, listening to music, playing the guitar, riding bikes, going for rides in beautiful sports cars, and being loved on by Papa. Kona attends Capital Senior High School, and Colin attends the Vineyard Christian Homeschool Co-op."

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