Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jesus and Link

After such a crazy (yet amazing) time last week, these last couple days have been a total breeze! Hanging with family, lounging, and laughing have been the orders of the day.

Tonight, however, a journey of epic proportions has started. Two people will traverse a fictional kingdom in a variety of ways, using many weapons, tools, and maps to guide them. No, this isn't national treasure. My cousin and I are having a Zelda Marathon!

Don't know what Zelda is? Here's the premise: a bad guy is wreaking havok on a land and it's up to you, a complete badass elf-guy who wields a sweet sword, to vanquish this darkness. Still not with me? Wikipedia it.
My cousin Jake and I are both Zelda connesours of sorts, so this was a natural way to exchange our cheese and wine, if you will. Our game of choice to start such a lofty expedition is a classic: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game is jacked full of memories for me: hours of gameplay with my brother, friends, and going solo. Such an amazing game.

That being said, even as I restarted a file and went through the motions of beginning the game, some interesting parallels began floating through my brain. Thoughts like "Link is Jesus" and "Zelda is the Holy Spirit." so, I began examining closer to find the root of such skewed logic.
In the game, Link holds a section of the triforce, a section which gives the bearer enhanced courage. Other characters, Ganondorf and Zelda namely, hold the triforces of power and wisdom, respectively. Link and Jesus struck me as the biggest parrallel though. Link is summoned in the greatest hour of need to save the day. And yet, he doesn't do it flying around in tights and a cape. Rather, he slays the darkness one monster at a time, and moves through his life one step at a time; and each step is important and has an outcome on the entire mission. Jesus, I believe, fights for me and you in the same way. The difference is, he already knows the enemy doesn't stand a chance.
Rough parrallels? Sure. And yet, after doing nearly a week of nothig but thinking constantly, I find it hard to just overlook things and take them for granted.

Link and Jesus? Even video games need their chaplain...

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