Saturday, May 9, 2009

From one Darkness to the next

I guess I'm not really sure how to react, what to say. Why is darkness so prevalent in this world?
Tonight my family found out that my wonderful and beautiful grandma, Wanda McKay, the woman who gave birth to my mother, passed away at around 9pm.
An amazing woman of God, a loving mother and grandma, a puzzle-solver of the highest degree, a master quilter, a healthy person, one with a beautiful disposition, and the type of person you can't help but love; these all describe aspects of my grandma.

The question that remains in my mind, 'why?' continues to be unanswered. I don't get it, I don't understand how God's plan works.
In these next days and weeks I expect to go through phases of both sorrow and anger; mostly because I've experienced both tonight already.

Jesus, I'm trusting you. Please give Nate and Grandma big hugs for me.

Please also read what my dad had to say:

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