Monday, May 4, 2009

A dark digression

I turn on the TV, read the paper, open up my browser, sort through Newsweek, go to the bookstore, drive through McDonalds, walk into the grocery store, drive past a school, open my eyes, and what do I see?
Fear, corruption, greed, anger, bloodshed, tyranny, religion, murder, piracy, and narcisism. It's as if the world cries out to be fed evil, and is given more than it's share.

Even as I sit at my work typing this and pondering, I can feel the pressure around me. The air is thick with all antithesis of good and whole. Purity is abstract and impossible, while filth claims its thrown. Sheets of white and purple are exchanged for filth that once resembles rags. Even the sky, in its vastness, reflects the shades of gray the world has to offer.
All attempts of humans to bring some kind of sanity and focus to this globe of ash are left in the dust. Famous artists are revealed to be sexual deviants, and stirring orators show their true colors with adultery.
Is there hope? Is peace simply a word used to justify means to an end?

What if pessimists were truly closer to being 'realists' then anyone would like to admit? What if you were to pull away the scales of our 'leaders' only to find corrupt politicians drowning in their own bile and fecal matter? And what if this great Tower-of-Babel-world we have created were to topple on top of us, crushing all signs of love and life from our body, leaving only corpses to rot and decay as the merciless sub glares down.

Then again, what if there is hope?

But, I digress.


  1. This IS a dark post for you, Phace.

    Interesting thought about pessimists being realists. I think that if we had no hope, that would be true. If there could be nothing better for us in this life, I know that I'd be more of a pessimist than I already am. The only thing for me to cling to is the hope that Christ really can and does change us as individuals, and therefore can change us as a people. Otherwise... this world just sucks.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Colin,

    Mr. Greene and I have been going through this class called "The Truth Project" (, which helps sort out your worldview vs the real Truth view. Go check out the website. We just bought the DVD's and plan to start up a small group to go through them.

    "Truth is not an Opinion"

    Take care!

    PS: Thanks for having Steve-O over Saturday night!