Sunday, January 4, 2009

People, and the connection thereof

This could be considered my "New Year's Post." Oh come on- you know what I mean. Every blog has one: some kind of reflection of the last year. A sum-up or run-down of the past year coupled with an encouraging word for the year to come. Like I said, I suppose this is mine.

The reasoning behind my waiting four days to get this post out of my head is two fold. Click here for fold one (first paragraph.) Fold two has to do with simple timing. Although according to the Gregorian Calendar New Years started three days ago, my internal clock will not register it until midnight tonight. Why? Simple answer: school. All you older folks may not remember what it was like to be young and in your prime, but it did all come with a price. Teachers, desks, lockers, and homework. And I only go to a two-day-a-week school.

But I digress.

This year's "New Year's Post" is about people. Specifically, those I am close to and who I connect with.

I was spending some time catching up on blogs earlier today and I noticed how much I really enjoy hearing about other peoples lives (specifically when they are being authentic.) So called "experts" are always talking about how our society is moving more towards impersonal involvement and the non-confrontational. They say it's because of huge uses of the internet, IM, text, and other venues where "legitimate" communication skills aren't used or necessary. I disagree. I think our society, that is the society we live in, craves human connection. We use the internet, IM, etc. to satisfy that craving. Granted, some people take advantage of that and may move towards the impersonal. I believe, however, that as a whole people want to talk to people.
Again, I digress.
My main point here is this: I was connecting with friends. Reading about their life helped me to realize that however much I may sometimes feel like I'm the only one living this whole crazy thing out, there are others going through struggles, fighting "the motions", and being authentic about it.

I'm gonna mention some friends specifically who I connect with, who encourage me, and because of both of these, those who influence me. I'll put their name followed by their blog URL (if they have one.) I'll then put a brief write-up about how I know them, what they mean to me, and an encouraging word or two. Feel free to check their blogs out and subscribe.

Dennis Mansfield-
My Dad is an amazing man. Not only is he an invaluable source for wisdom, he is a bottomless pit of wit and humor! :-) It is safe to say that all 16 years I have known my father have proved to be life-changing. I love you Dad, and thank you so much for challenging me, encouraging me, and showing me what it means to be a man.

Chad Estes-
Oh Captain my Captain! I remember the first time Chad asked me to call him Captain: it was at a first day of school, who knows how many years ago, when he was VCHSC's Superintendent. Although unbeknown to me then, this name came from the movie "Dead Poet's Society." Funny how things take on double meanings as I grow older. Captain, you have always been a man I look up to. Not only do I admire your laser communication skills and your incredible authenticity, but you make me laugh in ways few people can. And I don't say all of this just because you're my girlfriend's dad; but maybe, just maybe, you'll leave the shotgun in the closet next time I visit. And maybe my visits can be longer then five minutes.

David Wheeler-
I'm not exactly sure when or where I met David for the first time. It might have been through scouts, it might have been through church. Either way, I respect this Man of God. When I was in early middle school David allowed me to act in his "Tuesday Afternoon" videos for Kid's church. I'm sure I was no good, but David was encouraging and I began to respect him. As I have grown older he has turned from my acquaintance to my friend. David, thank you for your humorous words and your wisdom to the realities of life. And thank you so very much for your bites on my shoulder.

Brandon Freeman-
Brandon is a freaking wizard. I have gained immense understanding from this guy's endless storehouses of film making and movie knowledge. I've had the honor of working, and just hanging out with him, on numerous occasions; the most recent being our work on his and David's film, The Baseball. Brandon, thank you for being amazing. Like a Transformer, there is more to you then meets the eye. I look forward to more jokes, and movies. :)

Mrs. Angelia Jones
I say "Mrs." because she is, at the moment, is my English/Lit. teacher! Not many people increase their rank in "Colin's ladder of friendship" as fast as Mrs. Jones has. I never really knew what to make of the "crazy eyed lady" that taught younger grades in earlier school years. I have been so blessed to have Mrs. Jones as my English teacher this year. Mrs. Jones, thank you for putting up with us waffle-brained guys, and our sexist comments. I experience you as slow to anger and quick to encourage. Thank you, and I hope to get to know you better in years to come! You have already begun to make an impact on my life.

I could write so much about so many more people! Some other people I will mention, but refuse to write essays on for the sake of brevity, are as follows:
My beautiful mother, Susan
My sister, Meg, and her husband, Caleb
My amazing girlfriend Kona Estes, as well as the rest of the Estes clan!
All of my close friends, Collin, Austin ,Caleb, and so many more.

Let the "New Year" come! I refuse to let the fear, the bondage, and the crap of the world influence me when I have such a great God, and such great friends!

Thanks to all of you who read the blog, and I hope 2009 proves to be a great year for everyone!


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