Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If it's too loud, you're too old

So hear I am sitting at the Boise Vineyard listening to music on my beautiful iPod, Simon*. Suddenly I get a thirst. And I don't mean for Sierra Mist. I get a thirst for a breakdown. What is a breakdown? Well, Wikipedia does a decent job, if you're into that kinda thing.
In order to understand what a breakdown is, you must first understand what hardcore music is. You've probably heard, or even called such music "screamo." This is a popular term due to the nature of the projected vocals.

I don't want to get all into different genres of music; that could take hours. Suffice it to say that hardcore music comes from a mixture of punk rock and metal, and breaks into several other sub-generas (metalcore, etc.)

In any case, back to the breakdown. Basically, the breakdown is the part of the song where things get intense. At a live show, it's where the crowd throws down. It's the point in the song where your pulse quickens, and your heart gets ready to MOVE.

I was thirsty. I could have thrown down right then and there and started a pit. So instead of making a complete fool of myself, I decided to grab Simon, put in the earbuds, and rock.
And that's exactly what I did :)

So how does this relate to you? It might not. But if you like trying out new music, or even already have your own breakdown withdrawals from time to time, below I have a short list of hardcore bands that may interest you. They are bands I like and listen to.

  • Haste the Day- Amazing Christian Hardcore. Great lyrics, awesome guys.
  • The Devil Wears Prada- Also Christian. AMAZING singer, and great song names
  • Demon Hunter- Christian #3. Songs make me want to change the world :D
  • Gwen Stacy- Haven't listened to much yet, but just got their album. AMAZING so far!
  • As I Lay Dying- Great band, and trippy music videos. Not for the faint of heart.
  • MyChildren MyBride- Christian band, and very intense. HEADSHOT!
  • Underoath- Also Christian. Haven't listened to them much, but they're very popular.
  • Bring Me the Horizon- Definitely not Christian. BMtH is intense, but there's no avoiding their f-bombs.

Want to add your own to the list? DO IT. Comment below.


Make Your Ears Bleed.

*If you were wondering, I do name many of my appliances/valuables. My old iPod is Clive, and my new Simon. My old phone was LeTronika, and my newer version is LeTronika II. My old snowboard was Lisa, and my new one is Cambridge. Finally, my beautiful Chevy Blazer is named Calvin. Do you name your valuables?


  1. 40+ years old
    Love the Break Down, love it slow & loud

    Mama always told me the loud music would make me deaf - I can still hear just fine!

    I expect that if break downs like HTD or DH keep happening when I'm 70+ I'll still be there at the shows

  2. Howdy Colin! Those are some good musical picks! Actually I have seen both Underoath and As I Lay Dying in the earlier stages of their careers. They are great performers. Actually if you listen to Underoath's first two albums they are more "hardcore" then now, they had a different singer then as well. Bands always seem to progress in different directions with their music some get better some lose the feel that first drew you in. I hope you have had the chance to hear Anberlin's new album New Surrender. Its really amazing, especially the lyrics and the subtle meaning in them. Hope all is well!

  3. Born Of Osiris, they have excellent technical breakdowns thouth they aren't christian. Also, the band Silence The Heretic has great breakdowns, but you need to hear them live as the recordings on their myspace are not very good.