Monday, January 19, 2009


This weekend I spent my time up in Cascade volunteering as a student leader for the Jr. High Camp my church is a part of every year.

First off, this was a brand new experience for me to be in a place of leadership, and I mean direct leadership, over Jr. Highers. I think my friend, David Wheeler, said it best: (paraphrase) "I remember being your counselor when you were at Jr. High camp."

That being said, going into this weekend I wasn't really sure what to expect. The Holy Spirit tends to like to show up at camps and do crazy stuff, that I knew. I just wasn't sure how I, or my fellow student leader friends (Justin and J), were going to fit into that movement of the Holy Spirit.

As our group of about 25 kids pulled into Trinity Pines camp, I was already having flashbacks not only of the camp, but of previous years hanging with my friends. I was putting myself in the new kid's eyes and experiencing things for the first time again. Actually, when I put myself in my own eyes I was experiencing this for the first time. Leadership is a whole nother ball game when it comes to camps.

The weekend was AMAZING. Worship was, as expected, fantastic. The Holy Spirit came and ministered to the hearts of these 12-14 year olds. I would also say it's safe to say that the leaders were ministered to as well. At least I know I was. God showed me things that I knew I had to deal with, but he showed me them in a new light. Things like reading my Bible, obeying my parents, and even just simply living in his freedom.

Also this weekend, I had the experience of getting a tooth pic get shoved through my hand, and poke out on the other side! Yeah, pretty gnarly stuff, I know. That's a story in and of itself that I'll share as soon as I get my hands on some pics of the event. ;-)

This weekend, I established relationships with people that I had never talked to before. I was used by God to minister to the Davids of this generation, encouraging them to take on their Goliaths. It was eye opening for me, and I am so glad I was given the opportunity, and that I said yes.

Now I just need to treat my swollen hand wound, massage my sore muscles, get caught up on lost sleep, and fight this cold it feels like I'm getting.

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