Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well, first off

A beautiful garden. Not at all my blog.
Let's get some stuff straight. This isn't one of those blogs about gardening. This isn't one of those gamer blogs. And no, this isn't one of the many infamous "political" blogs...whatever that means (lol). I don't know that I would put this blog, my blog, into any particular category. I guess the first step to defining this weblog would be to explain the name.

'Ground Shaking' is a direct result of what I believe my purpose in life to be. Haha, I know right? That's a pretty intense statement. In all seriousness though, I've put a ton of thought and prayer into this aspect of my life. I've been challenged to think and re-think. Eventually, I was able to land on a one sentence phrase which I believe sums up my purpose. My purpose is to be an earthquake for Christ. I know that as time goes on, how I define my purpose will probably be sanded down and polished. It may even be broken in two and completely re-made. As I stand now, however, this is what I believe my purpose to be.
For the sake of brevity, I won't bore all of you with the gory details of how I came to the above conclusion. If you are interested, however, feel free to email me at

Back to the blog. Basically this is going to be an area that I'm gonna poor myself into, and be completely genuine about it. You may not like what I have to say, and you may not agree. I hope some of the things I have to say will start discussions; I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few start debates. What you will read on this blog will be Colin; it will be me. I'm going to take a leap and be 100% real on here.

So what's 'Ground Shaking' summed up? It's a blog where I, Colin Mansfield, will share my journey, thoughts, and musings on pretty much anything that strikes my interest.

I think that about covers it. Any questions? Good. Let's go shake some ground.


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  1. "For the sake of brevity, I won't bore all of you with the gory details..." Trust me, Colin. That is why we are here; it is why I am here. I want to know the details of your journey.

    Blog away!

  2. Fair enough.
    That'll be my next post then :)
    But for now, I'm off to watch Dead Poets Society.
    Haven't seen it yet, but heard (from someone who's name starts with a 'K' and ends in an 'ona', I won't name names though) that it's pretty epic.

  3. "Oh captain my captain..." We just rewatched it a few months ago.

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Good way to start off!!

  4. Your the man Colin...

  5. Brenna 'Elaj'December 7, 2008 at 12:15 AM

    Ahhh, Dead Poets Society . . . I felt sick to my stomach after it, because it was so powerful and I got way too involved with it - I sobbed when the teacher was making his exit. But then, I'm a girl, so whatever. :)

    And I agree with Chad, it would be awesome to hear how you came to the conclusion and all that awesome stuff.

    Sigh. I have to go, my toddler has been fighting bedtime tooth and nail all night. I thought handing it over to his dad would help, but it sounds like it's not enough. Time for a combined parental front.