Monday, December 8, 2008

Ever wonder why some people can use constructive criticism yet others seem to only be able to negativaly reprimand people? Do some choose to be only harsh?


  1. Brenna 'Elaj'December 10, 2008 at 4:17 PM

    I think sometimes it's just a habit. In example, I try really hard for constructive criticism, and if I'm writing it I feel like I succeed most of the time. But if I'm giving it verbally, I almost always feel like I used the right words in the wrong places, or my body language was off, or whatever, and so came across as just being negative - when that wasn't my intention at all. It's something I hope I'll have more of a handle on before Yonah gets old enough for it to really affect him.

  2. Thanks for being authentic Brenna.
    I totally acknowledge your position. Perhaps I should try to put myself in the person's shoes giving the negative criticism...

  3. Yikes-I'm not sure all people intend to be harsh, but I do believe giving postive correction is something to be practiced and modeled (speaking as a parent.) I know that I, personally, am often perceived as being harsh and that is not my intent. I have to work at it. I apologize if my harshness has ever overshadowed my loving correction to anyone that may read this.