Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, after much reading, browsing, and information gathering I have done it! I've created my very own Podcast and made it viewable/downloadable on iTunes!

Here's the specs you need to know:

What: It's like my blog, only you can listen to it. And download it on your iPod.
Why: Well why the heck not?
When: Right now.
Where: Now that's the question! Well, you can check out the iTunes page here. If you click that and have iTunes open, it'll send you straight there. If you don't have iTunes open, it'll do everything for you. If you don't have iTunes, get it.
Now what? Once on the Ground Shaking podcast page, you can choose between the episodes at the bottom and download each individually, or you can hit "subscribe" towards the top. If you subscribe your computer will automatically download the newest podcast as soon as I release it.

For right now the episodes I have listed are simply readings of a few of the posts I've put on the blog. I used them partly as test files, and partly so that new people that may stumble onto me on iTunes can have some sort of context for future posts.

A couple last things. I am searchable on iTunes. If you search the iTunes store for "Ground Shaking" or "Colin Mansfield" you will find me quickly. Also, I'm gonna add a button on the sidebar. ---> Clicking on it will also send you to my podcast page.

I think that about covers it! If this is all mumbo jumbo to you, no worries. The blog will still be my primary outlet for communicating. Conversely, the podcast will be a step up if you do want to dive a little deeper...or just laugh a little more :-D


Update: New podcast will be on by tomorrow!

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