Saturday, March 6, 2010

Israel Travel Notes: Day 1

Hey everyone! Seperate from actual posts, I'm going to be recording some travel notes while in Israel throughout each day. These will be posted at the end of every day.

-Caesaria by the Sea-
Wow! Our first stop today, Caesaria is amazing. Right on the coast, it has a beatiful collection of Roman sculptures; you can kind of get the feeling of what Paul must have felt like while imprisoned there. We watched a movie about Caesaria through the ages- it's crazy to think it played a roll not only on Jesus' time, but also all through the Byzentine and Crusader eras. Crazy stuff!

Sara, Shalom, and Hannah are having a great time (also, as you can see, we brought Kiah along!) We're laughing alot and it's awesome to think we get to just hang out in Israel.
Now we're headed to Mt. Carmel (think Elijah and prophets of Baal.)

-Mt. Carmel-
Listening to our guide tell the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal was amazing; realizing this is where it actually happened was even more amazing! Shalom and I listened to Elijah by For Today while looking at the valley where it happened. Brings a whole new aspect to "I CALL DOWN FIRE!"

Lunch time! Falafel pitas! Mmmm...

How amazing! Meggido is unique in that it brings the past (Judges) together with the future (Revelation). To think this is the place where the battle of Armeggedon will take place is both fascinating and gives a feeling of forboding. We got to walk down a huge staircase to a spring that was used during the time of King Ahab, and we actually got to see the spring!

-Hotel in Tiberius-
We're staying in Tiberius off of the Sea of Galilee tonight and tomorrow! Tomorrow is a Galilee boat ride among other things.
Also, sorry for the lack of pictures of Hannah and Bart! I promise I'll try to get more tomorrow!

Until then!

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