Monday, March 8, 2010

Israel Day 3: From the Jordan to Jerusalem

To be honest, I'm going into today not at all knowing what we're doing or where we're going. I do know that we're ending up in Jerusalem however! So, here we go!

-Baptisms on the Jordan-
Our first stop today is to a baptismal place on the Jordan river! Several on our team wanted to be baptized, including our own Shalom, Sara, and Bart!
It was such a cool experience. I was baptized in the Jordan during my last visit, so it was cool for me to observe and take pictures this time around.

Also, a really cool thing happened here. After our group was finishe with baptisms, my dad saw a group of college students standing off to the side. My dad being how he is (amazing) went and talked to the students. They were on a YWAM DTS and had been serving in Tel Aviv! This was the touring part of their trip. Four from their group wanted to be baptized, but didn't have a pastor to help them out. My dad and another pastor on our team volunteered to lend them a hand. Four of the students decided to go for it! It was a really cool thing to watch! The students were really blessed, and my dad thought it was so awesome!

Such a cool thing to see Papa bring two completely seperate groups together in one experience. Totally a praise!

-Mt. Tabor-
Considered to be the Mount of Transfiguration by Catholics, Mt. Tabor stands 1800 feet tall over the Jezreel Valley. A beautiful church stands at the top which is kept by Franciscan monks, and has three seperate rooms: a main sanctuary dedicated to Jesus, and two side chapels dedicated to Elijah and Moses. A beautiful garden with plants from around the world is also a beautiful addition. This was a special place as Tim, our fearless leader, had never visited Mt. Tabor (neither had my family). Such a beautiful view!

Deli sandwiches from a delicious Israeli supermarket-esque store. Really great!

Nazareth is a largly Arab/Muslim town today. We went to the spring in Nazareth, where Mary, Jesus' mother, would have drawn water. This is the only spring in Nazareth, so it is the defenite spot. The church built over the spring is a beautiful Greek Orthodox church. Very cool!
Now, off to Jerusalem!

Jerusalem is beautiful! We made it safely to our hotel, and tomorrow is going to be a CRAZY day. Lookin forward to it!



  1. That is so cool! It looks like you guys are having a blast! Have a great day. Look forward to more of your post! Miss you guys! Love you.

  2. it's looks you had a lot of good time! i go to israel next month and your article help me to find new place i can't miss :) thanks!