Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sometimes I want to write,
my brain it stops, tries to fight,
poetry simply won't come out,
So I sit and look into the night.

Sometimes I try to be witty,
To be honest, it's pretty shitty,
The jokes simply aren't clever,
Like 'what's a small cat?' It's a kitty.

Once, I tried to be strong,
It wasn't right, actually quite wrong,
I was weaker then when I started,
But my ego was twice as long,

I've tried to become smarter,
Focusing on that makes it harder,
I ended up giving up,
Totally made me feel like an unholy martyr.

Every now and again, I try to be hip,
I end up looking like Kip.
Yeah, from Napoleon Dynamite,
So I took that bud, and gave it a quick nip.

So many things I've tried to do,
In the end, they're all doo-doo,
Trying, trying, never being,
Being me. Just being Lue.

So often I find myself "trying" to be better, to do things that somehow will increase my worth as a person. Stopping and simply being gives me a refresher that it really doesn't matter what I do, especially what I 'try' to do; it really just matters who I am.

And I am a peaceful, free, and stupendous man.
Hey, that kind of rhymed :)

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