Thursday, October 1, 2009

And so I don this costume and cape...

Writer's block and I have been good friends over the past few weeks. Or, more accurately, the kind of writer's block that shows itself as "not enough time."
School's been a beast keeping up with. I only have four classes, but for those four classes I attend three different schools. It really is a lot to keep up with, both homework-wise (two of my classes are AP- Calculus and Physics) and schedule-wise (when to turn in said homework.)
Moments I can steal away are spent mostly with my three F's: Family, Friends, and Facebook.

That being said, this last week I've found more time on my hands, or maybe I've just learned how to schedule what time I do have. Regardless, I've started a new blog.

Now you may be thinking "Colin, you're crazy. What's wrong with this blog? You're honest, real, and (for the most part) up-to-date on this blog. What could you possibly start ANOTHER blog on?"
Well, my trusty reader, only one thing could so inspire me to begin writing on a tangent so often it requires a blog. And that one thing, believe it or not, is coffee. You see, I work at a coffee shop. Because of this, I've found myself becoming what many might refer to as "a coffee snob." Straight up, I only drink it if it tastes good. Due to this, I find myself judging each drink I indulge in with a critic-like professionalism (haha, right.) Seriously though, I work with coffee for hours at a time. I smell like coffee when I go to school. I drink it multiple times a day. I'm in love with it. Was that pushing it?

All those reasons, along with the desire to help the shop I work for, inform people about deals and coffee specials in the Boise area, and in general promote local coffee as a whole have driven me to start a blog, and a twitter. It's called BoiseCoffee, and I'm writing under the alias "The Coffee Guy".

If you live in Boise, like coffee, or just enjoy reading humorous blogs, feel free to check it out. If not, well you're lame.

And I hope to be posting here with more regularity!


  1. Hey um, you just made a blog about feeling okay?

  2. Lol, yeah dude I'm fine.
    I love coffee, so this is a great outlet :D either that or you'd be getting a bunch of random coffee postings on Ground Shaking, and who wants that?

  3. uhhh. so your saying, you could have like, 2 different blogs, *plus another shared with Kona*, a twitter which over updates as it is, and a facebook/myspace orrrrr, option 2, we have you post coffee stuff on your ground shaking and save us from switching to ANOTHER page to find a blog about coffee. hmmm i'm down with option 2. haha :D

  4. Ironically, option 1 is more organized. By separating interests into two separate blogs it cleans things up and helps create focus.
    I would rather post things on this blog to get people to think, or just to tell about what I've been thinking. Many of the people that read that stuff probably won't care so much about what I think about coffee shop x. Not saying they wont, but it could be confusing.

    If visiting a separate page is what you find annoying you could try using a program to subscribe to blogs' RSS feeds. I use a firefox plug in. Basically it pulls information from multiple blogs and puts it in one place for me to read, that way I don't have like 50 tabs open. It's like reading a newspaper.

    "a twitter which over-updates as it is" haha that's a severe overstatement. Follow any major twitter user and you'll get updates by the minute. I'm pretty chill in comparison.

    And, if you don't like how I'm doing it, too bad lol. It's what I'm doing :) Part of what I've been learning is that sometimes people would do things differently then me. That's fine, I'm not them.

    Thanks for your thoughts tho, I appreciate them. I do always enjoy a challenge to what I'm thinking. Iron sharpens iron. And you, my friend, are definitely iron :)

  5. haha wasn't meant to be a challenge bro. just making fun of jk jk. but seriously, it was all for kicks.

    And it's totally good that u have the blogs. i just like hassling you in my spare time.