Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday, update, etc.

I know I've gone too long between posts when Google asks for my login credentials...

Thought I'd do a quick update!
First and foremost: tomorrow is my 17th birthday!!! WOOHOO!!!

Basically, this last week has felt like a month. I participated in a Boy Scout Competition called Willow Creek last weekend (biggest in the Northwest) and my troop took 1st place! Since then I've been doing school, lacrosse, repeat pretty much everyday. Gets a little tired after awhile =/

The good thing is I've had this weekend to look forward to! Tomorrow, it finally begins!
I was asking for a crappy laptop for my birthday, but because of my Europe trip this summer, my mom suggested I ask for an iPhone instead! Let's just say she didn't have to ask me twice :)

Tonight has been spent working on my Sprint contract (I got my bill down to $10 a month so I don't have to pay the $200 early cancellation fee!) and getting the iPhone logistics worked out (only $50 a month when paired with my dad's plan!). So, if all goes well, I should be living in iPhone world tomorrow, baby!

That being said, I'm mostly looking forward to spending time with my family and girlfriend tomorrow :) Dinner at my sister's house is gonna be way rad!

If you want to see what I'm up to, check out my twitter!

Thanks, and hopefully I'll get to my next post sooner rather then later!


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  1. Awesome about the iPhone!! Hope your birthday is great!