Friday, April 24, 2009


Didn't have any time to say this yesterday, but if you follow my twitter you already know: I got an iPhone yesterday for my birthday! As a matter of fact, I'm blogging from it right now!

Also, a story I simply must tell:
Yesterday night after the dinner was over, presents had been opened, and cake was consumed, my dear sister and brother in law thought it would be fun to have a bon fire in their back yard. In the city.
Well, because my whole family is a little crazy ( ok more than a little) we all decided the fire sounded like fun. And it was! Until the fire dept showed up.
As it turns out one of the neighbors was a little frightened and called the men in red to tell us what for.

Definitely a birthday memory I'll never forget! Take a look at the fire truck (above post)

Also, I'm having my birthday party tonight! Follow my tweets through the night to see how it goes.


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