Friday, August 17, 2012

I need to write

I desperately need to get back to writing. For my own sake. I've missed the outlet - there's something about sitting down and putting my thoughts down into actual sentences. I don't know how I fell out of the habit. I probably got "too busy," which is Colin Code for "messed up my priorities."

School starts next week, and I will be shifting gears into the academic portion of my Cow, or Junior, year at West Point. I'm pretty excited that I get to start the classes that focus on my major this year. politics is what I love, and I'm so glad I'll be able to spend some time actually studying it this year.

I'm starting a morning routine this year, one that I hope will become a permanent habit in my life. I want to get up about an hour early, read my Bible, pray, meditate (a friend gave me this audio meditation stuff that I'm giving a shot), make coffee, and read the news headlines for the day. It's something that I want to integrate into my life.

I've also started working out with my friends on a regular basis. This is something that was missing from my life last semester. Not necessarily working out - I did that off and on. But being with friends and having someone there to spot you and push you makes all the difference. It's only reorgy week, but I'm already seeing the rewards.

I want to get closer to God this semester. I fell out of touch with Him in a lot of ways last year, and I need to get back into relationship with Him. He is constant, I am the thing that is moving. And if I moved away by putting other things between Him and I, then I can move back as well. That being said, there is a season for everything.

So, here I am! Back writing. I'm going to post whatever I want on here and just have fun with this. Some posts will be serious, some will be challenging, and all will be where I'm at. I've always made it a point to be real on my blog, and I look forwarding to continuing that now.


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