Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies and a Card

Running for office of any kind is stretching. As some of you may know, I ran for Class President for USMA Class of 2014 last month. I ran my campaign based heavily on social media, using tools such as blogging and facebook to promote my ideas. It was a huge learning experience for me: how to take ridicule, and welcome help. At the end of it all my classmates voted. And I lost.

It was hard to accept that defeat. But in the end, I can learn just as much from losing this race as I could of by winning it, if not more.

On Friday I went to check my P.O. Box, and found an unexpected package. After heading back to my room, I opened it and found a box of "Lemon Chalet Cremes" Girl Scout Cookies. And a card. Opening the card, I found this message:
Hey buddy. We are proud of you for running for Class President! Good job, we don't always win the first time, but we learn a lot, that helps us out the next time. Keep up the good work! We never lose, we just get better. Best wishes,
Gov. "Butch" Otter & Lori

I was utterly stunned and blessed beyond belief. Receiving encouragement from an unexpected source is one thing, but having that unexpected source be the Governor of Idaho and his wife is quite another!

And yet it showed me two things:
First, that I need never be above, or below, accepting encouragement.
Second, that Butch and Lori Otter break the mold of a typical politician and his wife.

Political points and ideals put aside, the Governor of Idaho and his wife took the time out of their lives to send me, a cadet representing the state of Idaho at West Point, an encouraging letter of support, and cookies to boot! That speaks volumes to me.

Thank you Governor and Mrs. Otter,


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