Thursday, November 5, 2009

From DC to Annapolis to Philly to West Point

Today was a whirlwind of the best kind.
Right now I'm on the East Coast with my dad, and let me tell you it's been a blast!

We flew into DC last night and immeadiatly went to the White House and Capitol 1:30am! It was an awesome experience to be sure. After done with our late night adventure, we took the 45min drive to Annapolis and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. A great start.

Today was awesome. I've never done anything like it before; seen so many tourist and classic American spots in one day! Starting on Annapolis, we grabbed bfast at Carrol's then headed over to the Naval Academy to look around, and, as a Go Army family, urinate on the parade grounds. Ok, maybe we didn't :) all the same, USNA was a cool sight to see and place to experience. After visiting the gift shop, it was back in the car.

East Coast countryside is beautiful to drive past. Brilliant trees, ground moist from fall drizzle, beautiful sky.
But Philly is a whole other world.

If you were to take New York City, give it a traditional feel, get rid of the huge buildings, and make the people have REAL attitude, you'd get Philly. Let's just for comparing them to NY I'd probably get shot.
So, we did the rounds. Cheese Steak at Jim's was the biggest must-have, so we went there first. I got a steak sandwich with whiz and onions, and it totally hit the spot. :) something beautiful about eating Philly Cheese Philly! Also, we got to see the bar featured in the movie 'Invincible' (pictured).

And now, back in the car, we're headed to West Point in NY! Tomorrow will consist of Touring USMA, then heading into NYC for some Little Italy goodness.

This has been so amazing! I totally can't wait for the days to come! We'll be headed back through Philly to sight see, then to DC for some touring before heading back home.
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