Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Digressions of a Thoughtful Mind

After some prodding from me, my co-philosopher and great friend Justin Gaupp recently started a blog.
I think he describes it best:
So, I posted on facebook that I was in a thoughtful mood today. My good friend Colin Mansfield left a comment suggesting that I take advantage of my current disposition and start a blog. Therefore, I wrapped my opinions in a sheet, tied them to a walking stick, and hopped on the bandwagon that is blogging.

A few opening discaimers: These are my opinions, not some sort of thesis paper. I use big words. I do not think in neat little categorical boxes, so my posts may not be as organized as you'd like. I can be very cynical. I'm far too lazy to post blogs on any semblance of a regular basis. I tend to ramble. And most importantly, I believe the Christian Bible to be true and have a relationship with the God thereof. If any of that bothers you, reserve the right to close this browser window at any time. But if you have an open mind, please read on.

He goes on to tackle a rather deep topic, and one which has been thought on and disputed over probably since the idea's been around. "What's the point of avoiding sin in a sinful world?"
And then something awesome happened. Right as I expected to get some kind of logical thinking, formulaic reasoning, or linear processing, something appeared which I really didn't expect. Justin opened his heart, and poured out the insides for all to see.
Trying to avoid sin in a sinful world is like walking on the beach and trying not to get sand on your shoes. If you're quite careful, you'll have less sand than if you were running like mad down the beach, but there's no way you'll have spotless shoes.

But if we're going to get dirty anyways, why bother trying to stay clean? As one song goes "If we're all going to hell, we may as well go out in style." Makes sense to me. Unless one considers a different approach. Instead of making the goal to avoid sin, what if our goal was to love God? I propose that instead of running from darkness, we should be running towards the light! God created us for the purpose of having relationship with him. So if we fulfill our original purpose then we wouldn't need to try to find meaning in life through sex, drugs, money, et cetera.
Isn't that a beautiful way to put it- a great metaphor to roll it together?
And I couldn't agree more. Loving Jesus is really what it all comes down to. Good works and religion can never stand up to pure relationship- how much more the relationship with our Creator?

Head over to Justin's blog and check it out. Word is, he's even got a new post up.


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  1. Thank you Colin :)

    First, for being my friend.
    For encouraging me to start a blog.
    And for posting this brief, uplifting commentary on it.

    God bless :)