Wednesday, August 19, 2009

District 9: It didn't accomplish it's goal, and is a sucky movie. But I love it.

I walked out of District 9 after watching the credits roll and I could only say one thing about it. "That movie was CRAZY."
If you've seen the trailer, you'll know that it was a little ambiguous. Aliens, guns, and explosions were the main points. The movie, surprisingly, wasn't much different. That being said, it was so unique, and so well made that there was no way I couldn't write a blog on why I hated it, but can't help but love it.

No spoilers are ahead, so feel free to read at ease.

They all die at the end and get their heads cut off.

The movie starts off as a documentary. Using interviews and a camera man, I was heavily intrigued at where this would lead. Think Cloverfield. It's set 20 years from when human's were surprised to find a UFO sitting in their backyard (Africa- is that racist?). At first we tried treating the Aliens (Prawns, as they're called in the movie due to their shrimp/crustacean like bodies) like members of society. Once it became apparent that their culture was far different then ours (throwing cars is fun) we fenced them in to what slowly became a concentration camp-like area called District 9. The movie follows happenings in District 9, and let's just say it's gruesome.
The documentary feel kept up through about the first half, then all of a sudden it switches to a full fledged movie. I'm not sure if this was due to laziness on the Director's side, or if they simply wanted the transition as an integral part of the movie. Either way, it threw me off. Graphics, CGI, and makeup were seamless, though. The Aliens were really there, as were the heads that got blown off and the bodies that got disintegrated by alien lightning-guns. Like I said, crazy.

I believe the movie was supposed to get me to think. I suppose it did, but more in a confused manner. Perhaps they're trying to say our race is going down the tubes. Perhaps they're trying to make a political statement about the treatment of prisoners or privileged members of society. Or, perhaps the makers of District 9 are simply warning us of what the human race may do if Aliens ever come down.

The movie disappointed me. But with so many fantastic graphics, character development up the shizzang, and Aliens that I felt connected with, how could I not love it?

If you don't mind a plethora of f-bombs, people being blown to smithereens, and scary alien-shrimp people ripping off human arms, I suggest this movie to you. If you prefer great story, interesting plot, and fantastic conclusion, go see 500 Days of Summer.

Have you seen it? Your thoughts?



    dissapointing... no

    surprising... FREAKIN YES

    i meen come on, did you expect those characters, like christopher and ficis. and how they showed you the human side of the story first, then the aliens side, living in constent fear, having to confort their kids while they see people they know murdered on the streets. the depth was a mediem i think as for the action freakin awesome. especially when ficis was in that awesome alien machine and he grabs the rpg out of the air. so many amazing parts, i dont see how you can be dissapointed

  2. I found District 9 to be a good example of a world with no hope. I found something to be lacking in the movie and that was the exclusion of the church. There ought to have been missionaries in the camp or a church service. Makes you wonder what would have been different if God and His kingdom was represented in the movie.

  3. Alex- well put, my friend. In my opinion, the movie was extremely well made, and yet it didn't accomplish what it appeared to try. I loved how the aliens were humanized and how we were able to get to know Christophers character. I loved the action. I didn't understand what it was trying to convey.

    Ben- Very true. As far as it was a metaphor, it was definitely missing any kind of benevolent service, especially the church. "Makes you wonder what would have been different if God and His kingdom was represented in the movie." great point!