Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Off to Connecticut!

Well, I really haven't blogged on my classes helmet project. Unfortunately =/
In any case, I am headed off to Connecticut tomorrow with my 11th grade class to bless a family with a helmet which belonged to their deceased military father. Really is an amazing story of how God works in no accidents. I'll have to do the color by number later, but for now you'll have to appreciate a dot-to-dot :)

While I'm in Connecticut I will be blogging- but not here! Rather, I have set up a "weekend blog." This will be a blog specifically for this Connecticut trip; it'll be a place for pictures, stories, and tweets, among other things. Please feel free to go check it out: http://WWIIhelmet.blogspot.com/

I may be updating my twitter from time to time, but will most assuredly be updating the helmet trip's twitter page: http://twitter.com/WWIIhelmet

Hope you all have a great weekend! I leave early tomorrow, btw, and get back late Saturday.


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